February 6, 2009

SAP Business One?

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Some of the peoples are not aware about sap, Itsl gives the answer to their questions like what is sap? how we can use in our organization ?how it can be implemented?

YOU might be thinking of to increase Profitability & Control on your business by making optional utilization of existing resource only. Yes it may happen for SMEs after implementing the world’s most acceptable ERP Solution Simple to use yet powerful, integrated & affordable business solution that allows you to stay on top of your business and grow profitability.

Let’s have a look upon some of the improvements that leads to enhance the profitability….

Improve Productivity:-Streamlined process allows accomplishing more work in less time.

Reduce Labor Cost: – Automation reduces human resource required to support your business.

Financial Performance: – More accurate financial reporting more accurate balance sheet.

Optimize Inventory: – Keeping closer eye reduce the investment on slow moving products.

Pricing of products: – Clear picture of overall cost helps to improve margin.

Customer Revenue: – By using CRM you can increase revenue per customer.

Process Improvement:- You may be able to eliminate certain cost through automation.

Margin Visibility: – making control on inventory cost may result in an increase in margin.

Labor savings: – More accurate shipments can reduce returns of goods.

Increase Customers: – Adding new customers & retaining through its improved services.

Improve Revenue: – Matching available stock can help improve overall margins.

Administrative Savings: – Less money will be spent on data entry and warehouse downtime.

Efficient Collections: – Properly tracking & more accurate invoices speed up of receivables.

improve Procurement: – Ability to monitor suppliers helps to reduce purchase cost.

Improve revenue per customer: – Selling additional services cause to improve the revenue.

Cost: – Better communication eliminates the unnecessary cost.

Hence, grow as an ‘SAP-RUN’ Company that’s real-time need of Today’s Business Solution Company..

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