February 10, 2009

Daily Cheque Processing

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Itsl Technologies is  Dealing  with Banking Software Solutions ,it includes some software like Daily Check Processing.

Daily Cheque Processing is software that is  used for Inward Cheques of banks in a city submitted to Main Branch of Bank are entered to the Software and processed, and different Reports are generated.

The Inward Cheques includes Normal Cheque, Invalid Cheque (Outstation/ Transfer/ Payee Mismatch), Returned Cheque.

The Process and Report Involves:

  • Masters like Bank Master, Location Master, Drop Boxes (Sub Branches of Bank), Transaction Code Master.
  • Normal Cheques
  • Invalid Cheques
  • Returned Cheques
  • Scanned Cheques.

Reports Involve:

  • Processed Cheque Report
  • Summary Report
  • MIS Summary Report
  • Return Cheque Report
  • Invalid Cheque Report

This all process are provided by Itsl Technologies   who is expert in providing the  business solution for all types  need also channel partners of   sap business one.


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