February 11, 2009

Online Assesment Web Sites

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Hellojob’s Assessment website solution are exists to serve the education and testing markets, which include high school students, college students, and professionals eagerly seeking to prepare for online exams. Our easy-to-use advanced web technology immediately helps our users prepare for exams by providing sample tests and recognized resources to prepare. Beside this the Instructor will find the required Candidate as per their requirement.It also incorporates Discussion Forum where you can share interview questions, comment / answer any questions.

Each question is like discussion thread that helps you to learn and understand each question and answer in detail
Features of Hellojobs Assessment

  • Offers a full range of test delivery services.
  • Test packages are specific to the need
  • Incorporate Question bank with the most suitable presentation and scoring models.
  • Flexible testing times and faster score results
  • Discussion forum help to discuss and understand

Why Hellojobs Assessment?

  • It is a Student Examination Mangement Site
  • Managing both Student and examinar  in same module.
  • Instructor can create question bank and test paper (Private, Public, and Protected).
  • Help to keep track of student appeared and their marks.
  • Candidates can be shortlisted based on test results.
  • For any type of recruitment database record of appeared candidates can be used
  • Different sets of question paper can be created.
  • Questions can be changed for a particular paper as many times it is accessed.
  • Order of the questions can also be changed randomly to make different sets.

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