February 12, 2009

Drop box Bill Collector Software

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ITSL  deals with high class banking solution’s and expert in sap business one  customization currently working on Process and Management of  Bills payments  also on  Security Deposits in terms of Cash as well as in Cheques from different Drop Boxes located at different locations. The System provides the Full functionality and Track of Every Bill Payment/Security Deposit collected from different Drop Boxes located at different locations. System also provides the smooth functionality to Local/Outstation/Invalid and MICR/Non-MICR Cheques.

The System also validates for Matched and Unmatched Entries for the Customers from the Customer Master. The System also provides the Multi Location functionality i.e. the entries can be made on different distributed end and lastly compile to the Central Location.

The System also provides the Entry of Returned Cheques and maintains the whole track of Bill Processing.

The Process Involves:

Uploading of Customers List

Masters containing Bank Master, Location Master, Drop Box Master, Process type, Reason Master, etc

Cheque Entry, Cash Entry, Returned Cheque Entry

Re- Entry of Cheque and Cash Entries

Backup and Upload of Entries from Remote Locations to the Central.

Location Different Reports on basis of Local/Outstation, Matched/Unmatched,Daily and Monthly basis contains:

Cheques Report

Cash Report

Returned Cheque Report

Cheque Banking File

Cash Billing File and Summary Reports.

all above we have are telling you about the functionalities and if you want to know more about bill collectore software how it is use ful for banking solutions  and operation please make a query


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