February 16, 2009

CRM Software Solutions

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CRM is the business strategy that aims to understand, anticipate, manage and personalize the needs of an organization’s current and potential customers beyond mere ‘Contact Management.

Values of CRM

  • Gain more control in interaction with customers
  • Manage expectations better and Understand what customers really want
  • Provide products that better serve customers
  • Increase trust and competitive advantage Determinants of CRM

Trust: The willingness to rely on the ability, integrity, and motivation of one company to serve the needs of the other company as agreed upon implicitly and explicitly.

Value: The ability of a selling organization to satisfy the needs of the customer at a comparatively lower cost or higher benefit than that offered by competitors and measured in monetary, temporal, functional and psychological terms.

Why Rudra CRM?

  • To deliver an improved quality of service for customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction / loyalty
  • Improved analysis and reporting in specific business process
  • Productivity improvements and Cost control with savings

CRM Software is the best solution to increase the customer interaction and business strategy it helps to increase the customer  satisfaction,

ITSL also proves there work in Rudra  hrm , crm customization, sap business one implementation.


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