February 16, 2009

CRM Software Solutions

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CRM is the business strategy that aims to understand, anticipate, manage and personalize the needs of an organization’s current and potential customers beyond mere ‘Contact Management.

Values of CRM

  • Gain more control in interaction with customers
  • Manage expectations better and Understand what customers really want
  • Provide products that better serve customers
  • Increase trust and competitive advantage Determinants of CRM

Trust: The willingness to rely on the ability, integrity, and motivation of one company to serve the needs of the other company as agreed upon implicitly and explicitly.

Value: The ability of a selling organization to satisfy the needs of the customer at a comparatively lower cost or higher benefit than that offered by competitors and measured in monetary, temporal, functional and psychological terms.

Why Rudra CRM?

  • To deliver an improved quality of service for customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction / loyalty
  • Improved analysis and reporting in specific business process
  • Productivity improvements and Cost control with savings

CRM Software is the best solution to increase the customer interaction and business strategy it helps to increase the customer  satisfaction,

ITSL also proves there work in Rudra  hrm , crm customization, sap business one implementation.


February 12, 2009

Drop box Bill Collector Software

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ITSL  deals with high class banking solution’s and expert in sap business one  customization currently working on Process and Management of  Bills payments  also on  Security Deposits in terms of Cash as well as in Cheques from different Drop Boxes located at different locations. The System provides the Full functionality and Track of Every Bill Payment/Security Deposit collected from different Drop Boxes located at different locations. System also provides the smooth functionality to Local/Outstation/Invalid and MICR/Non-MICR Cheques.

The System also validates for Matched and Unmatched Entries for the Customers from the Customer Master. The System also provides the Multi Location functionality i.e. the entries can be made on different distributed end and lastly compile to the Central Location.

The System also provides the Entry of Returned Cheques and maintains the whole track of Bill Processing.

The Process Involves:

Uploading of Customers List

Masters containing Bank Master, Location Master, Drop Box Master, Process type, Reason Master, etc

Cheque Entry, Cash Entry, Returned Cheque Entry

Re- Entry of Cheque and Cash Entries

Backup and Upload of Entries from Remote Locations to the Central.

Location Different Reports on basis of Local/Outstation, Matched/Unmatched,Daily and Monthly basis contains:

Cheques Report

Cash Report

Returned Cheque Report

Cheque Banking File

Cash Billing File and Summary Reports.

all above we have are telling you about the functionalities and if you want to know more about bill collectore software how it is use ful for banking solutions  and operation please make a query

February 11, 2009

Online Assesment Web Sites

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Hellojob’s Assessment website solution are exists to serve the education and testing markets, which include high school students, college students, and professionals eagerly seeking to prepare for online exams. Our easy-to-use advanced web technology immediately helps our users prepare for exams by providing sample tests and recognized resources to prepare. Beside this the Instructor will find the required Candidate as per their requirement.It also incorporates Discussion Forum where you can share interview questions, comment / answer any questions.

Each question is like discussion thread that helps you to learn and understand each question and answer in detail
Features of Hellojobs Assessment

  • Offers a full range of test delivery services.
  • Test packages are specific to the need
  • Incorporate Question bank with the most suitable presentation and scoring models.
  • Flexible testing times and faster score results
  • Discussion forum help to discuss and understand

Why Hellojobs Assessment?

  • It is a Student Examination Mangement Site
  • Managing both Student and examinar  in same module.
  • Instructor can create question bank and test paper (Private, Public, and Protected).
  • Help to keep track of student appeared and their marks.
  • Candidates can be shortlisted based on test results.
  • For any type of recruitment database record of appeared candidates can be used
  • Different sets of question paper can be created.
  • Questions can be changed for a particular paper as many times it is accessed.
  • Order of the questions can also be changed randomly to make different sets.

Itsl is the Market and Technologies Leader Provides different kind of solutions for jobs ,  business software solutions, sap business one customizationweb design and development, software application development like crm, hrm, erp ,blackmail software ,bulk fax software  and many more application.

February 10, 2009

Daily Cheque Processing

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Itsl Technologies is  Dealing  with Banking Software Solutions ,it includes some software like Daily Check Processing.

Daily Cheque Processing is software that is  used for Inward Cheques of banks in a city submitted to Main Branch of Bank are entered to the Software and processed, and different Reports are generated.

The Inward Cheques includes Normal Cheque, Invalid Cheque (Outstation/ Transfer/ Payee Mismatch), Returned Cheque.

The Process and Report Involves:

  • Masters like Bank Master, Location Master, Drop Boxes (Sub Branches of Bank), Transaction Code Master.
  • Normal Cheques
  • Invalid Cheques
  • Returned Cheques
  • Scanned Cheques.

Reports Involve:

  • Processed Cheque Report
  • Summary Report
  • MIS Summary Report
  • Return Cheque Report
  • Invalid Cheque Report

This all process are provided by Itsl Technologies   who is expert in providing the  business solution for all types  need also channel partners of   sap business one.

February 6, 2009

SAP Business One?

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Some of the peoples are not aware about sap, Itsl gives the answer to their questions like what is sap? how we can use in our organization ?how it can be implemented?

YOU might be thinking of to increase Profitability & Control on your business by making optional utilization of existing resource only. Yes it may happen for SMEs after implementing the world’s most acceptable ERP Solution Simple to use yet powerful, integrated & affordable business solution that allows you to stay on top of your business and grow profitability.

Let’s have a look upon some of the improvements that leads to enhance the profitability….

Improve Productivity:-Streamlined process allows accomplishing more work in less time.

Reduce Labor Cost: – Automation reduces human resource required to support your business.

Financial Performance: – More accurate financial reporting more accurate balance sheet.

Optimize Inventory: – Keeping closer eye reduce the investment on slow moving products.

Pricing of products: – Clear picture of overall cost helps to improve margin.

Customer Revenue: – By using CRM you can increase revenue per customer.

Process Improvement:- You may be able to eliminate certain cost through automation.

Margin Visibility: – making control on inventory cost may result in an increase in margin.

Labor savings: – More accurate shipments can reduce returns of goods.

Increase Customers: – Adding new customers & retaining through its improved services.

Improve Revenue: – Matching available stock can help improve overall margins.

Administrative Savings: – Less money will be spent on data entry and warehouse downtime.

Efficient Collections: – Properly tracking & more accurate invoices speed up of receivables.

improve Procurement: – Ability to monitor suppliers helps to reduce purchase cost.

Improve revenue per customer: – Selling additional services cause to improve the revenue.

Cost: – Better communication eliminates the unnecessary cost.

Hence, grow as an ‘SAP-RUN’ Company that’s real-time need of Today’s Business Solution Company..

Want to know more on Sap Business One and want to SAP Implementation from Authorized Sap Training Partners